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No More Codependent Thought Patterns Bundle

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Previously, this bundle was a four-part video masterclass that covered the roots of negative thoughts & self criticism stemming from codependency, narcissistic trauma, & childhood trauma, how to heal from negative thinking & self-criticism, & how to release the grip & the control this type of thinking has been having on you for far too long. 

This bundle now includes the above and *NEW & UPDATED CONTENT* including:

- A 1 hour teaching on the self-doubt and overthinking that stems from codependency & narcissistic abuse and how to use confidence- authentically- to work through the negative thoughts that seem to be playing on repeat in your mind- it's time to finally have peace in your mind

-How to finally love & accept yourself authentically (bye, bye people pleasing!)

-Affirmations, a meditation, journal prompts, homework, and more to help you integrate all that you learn!

People often tell me that the meditation in Part 2 ALONE has been absolutely transformational for them and has helped them actually LEARN to separate themselves from negative thoughts. One student told me "Ever since I listened to that meditation, my thoughts have been calmer and so much less intrusive- I actually feel like my thoughts do not have control over me any longer".

- a $97 off coupon for Self Love Over Codependency sent via email

What students have said about this masterclass:

"I have been able to reflect on my thoughts and separate myself from them more easily"- Samantha* (*student has requested use of a pseudonym)

"I've learned to let my thoughts go and remember they are not apart of me"- Melissa

 " I really saw for the first time that all these negative thoughts I have about myself are actually not even my own words, they don't even originate within my mind. It is very liberating to take back your narrative and create your own storyline. I really enjoyed rewriting criticism into something positive."- Zoe

"A thought will come into my mind and I will just let it go away naturally and not spiral into it"- Abigail

 "I don't have to explain anything to anyone if I don't want to. I don't have to be stuck in these make believe scenarios, especially when real life is usually very different from these scenarios that are based on fears and anxiety."- Miranda

 Are you ready to help your inner child move out of old wounds of negative, codependent thinking with this bundle? I'll see you inside!

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No More Codependent Thought Patterns Bundle

38 ratings
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