Inner Child Healing Affirmations & Meditations

Bee Wellness, LLC
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No more doubting your worth. No more doubting the childhood trauma you've experienced. No more feeling unworthy of relationships and friendships.

It's time to dive DEEP into your worthiness, to allow your inner child to feel loved, supported, seen, and heard.

it's time to no longer let codependency win and to see yourself as lovable, valuable, and a JOY to be around REGARDLESS of what your upbringing made you believe you are.

The Inner Child Healing Affirmations & Meditations Package includes:

>>A transformational recording of me saying all thirty days worth of Inner Child Healing Affirmations. This recording is infused with the energy of the certainty and unrelenting belief in your worthiness. 

This recording was MADE to help shift your subconscious beliefs- in fact some of the very affirmations I used to tell myself early in my healing journey, I've included in this audio. 

Just being in the energy of these incredible affirmations regularly will help shift and transform the way you see yourself over these next thirty days. (There is also a PDF written copy of these affirmations you can print out or view on your device).

>> Two powerful meditations to anchor in the truth of who you always have been: worthy of love, worthy to be loved, lovable, and worthy to live out YOUR personal truth.

Feel the wounds of your childhood be soothed, loved, and cared for while listening to these meditations and affirmations.

You deserve to feel comfort. You deserve to feel validated. You deserve to feel good about who you are. Forget what anyone else has ever said about who you are. 

Deep down you KNOW you are worthy you KNOW the truth of who you are and these Inner Child Healing Affirmations & Meditations are just here to help remind you of that and get you re-aligned with that.

Immerse yourself in the energy of YOUR TRUTH. Get ready for 30 days of feeling supported, encouraged, validated, seen, and uplifted by my affirmations and meditations.

Are you ready to begin your healing journey?

I want this!

Includes two guided meditations & 30 days of written affirmations in PDF form (and now recorded affirmations!). Note, by purchasing, you understand that refunds are unavailable for this product.


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